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The library of a College is its store room of knowledge. It is the altar of scholarly pursuit and reflects the academic standard of the staff and the students of the institution. The appearance and maintenance of the library must be impressive and inspiring. Hence, a spacious and well ventilated hall should be chosen as the library.

 General Rules 

  •  The name of the library shall be S.B.P. Mahavidyalaya Library.
  •  The College library contains at present about 12,005 Books including the books of Reference Section, Book Bank and the U.G.C., Books.
  •  The library shall ordinarily remain open from 10.30 A.M. to 4.15 P.M. on all working days. But books would be issued and received upto 3.30 P.M. only.
  •  Only the staff and students of the College and persons with the special permission of the Principal can use the library.
  •  Orders for purchase of book for library should pass through the Library-in-charge and should be approved by the Principal.
  •  All borrowers must examine the condition of the book at the time of issue. Otherwise they will be held responsible for the damage discovered later at the time of return.
  •  In case of the loss of a book :
    •  three times the cost of the book which is out of print and out of market, or
    •  double the present price of the book which is available, should be realised from the borrower. It must be insisted that books be replaced as far as practicable.
  •  Student borrowers who fail to return the books after 15 days, a fine of Re.01/- per day per book will be charged. It will be collected along with the tuition fee. In special cases the Principal can exempt or lessen the fine.
  •  When the date of return of book falls on a holiday, it should be returned on the next working day.
  •  A borrower, against whom any due is outstanding, shall not be allowed to borrow books from the Library.
  •  The maximum number of books to be issued to different categories of borrowers is as follows :
    •  Faculty Staff -15
    •  Other Teaching Staff-08
    •  Class III Staff-05
    •  +3 Students – 03
    •  +2 Students- 02
  •  Issue and return of books for different classes :
    •  Monday: +3 III Year Arts & +3 III Year Science
    •  Tuesday : +3 II Year Arts & +3 II Year Science
    •  Wednesday : +2 II Year Arts
    •  Thursday : +2 II Year Science
    •  Friday : +2 1st Year Arts & +3 1st Year Arts
    •  Saturday : +2 1st Year Science & +3 1st Year Science