Rapper Dies After Jumping Off Balcony To Hide From His Partner During Bisexual Threeway

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Rapper Dies After Jumping-off Balcony To Cover Up From His Wife During Bisexual Threeway

A popular Brazilian rapper died after jumping from a balcony to flee their partner which he believed was about to catch him in the course of a bisexual threesome. Kevin Nascimento Bueno, better known as MC Kevin, had been considered have fallen a few tales from a hotel area in Rio de Janeiro while fleeing a threesome he was having together with his buddy, Victor Fontenelle, and style design Bianca Domingues. After hearing a knock from the home, Bueno freaked-out and got rather than face his wife, Deolane Bezerra.

  1. Bueno’s partner was calling and texting him but didn’t get a remedy.

    Relating to reports, Bezerra ended up being believed to were trying to find Bueno across the hotel after failing continually to find him on his cellphone. When a pal pulled regarding accommodation home, Bueno considered that his wife had positioned him and jumped through the balcony so the guy did not have to manage the girl.

  2. He had been wanting to hop to a patio just below the balcony.

    However, rather than hitting the terrace, the guy skipped and decrease five tales onto the swimming pool patio outside of the lodge. They have pronounced lifeless not long after.

  3. Everybody involved was according to the impact.

    Domingues informed authorities that she’d just found Bueno earlier that afternoon whenever the rapper with his buddy welcomed the girl back again to their particular resort package. It really is unclear if she realized Bueno was actually married, though he and Bezerra had merely traded vows three weeks before. “we should point out that all testimonies report excessive consumption of liquor and narcotic compounds, illicit drugs,”
    authorities main Antenor Junior. “very afraid, concerned about getting caught cheating by their girlfriend, the guy panicked and made an effort to go-down towards flooring below when he slipped, fell and unfortunately passed away.”

  4. Bezerra presumably struck Domingues.

    While both ladies happened to be from the authorities station while doing so, Bezerra presumably hit Domingues, although it’s ambiguous exactly how serious the altercation had been and whether Bezerra was actually arrested for any attack.

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