The Red Cross was founded m 1863 by Sir Henry Dunant in Europe with the basic ideal of providing care to the victims of war and to preach the merits of peaceful co-existence. Over the last 140 years the Red Cross has grown into the largest organisation in the world known as ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) working for health care with branches in 126 countries. Its H.Q. is at Geneva in Swizerland.

Under the aegis of the Indian Red Cross Foundation and its Orissa Branch, Red Cross units started functioning in several educational institutions of our province from the late sixties.

S.B.P. Mahavidyalaya has started a Unit of Junior Red Cross from the session 1984-85 for the purpose of inculcating in the students the ideal of peace, a spirit of helpfulness and inclination to accept civic responsibility. The Red Cross teaches us to take care of our own health and that of others too.
Enrolment: By paying a Red Cross Fee at the time of admission all the students of the College automatically become thy members of the Red Cross Society. But those who submit a separate application to the counsellor shall be enrolled as active members.

Working Committee : The Working Committee of the Red Cross Society shall consist of:

  • Chairman: Principal (ex-officio)
  • Counsellor: A member of the teaching staff nominated by the Principal.
  • Vice-Chairman: any active member (Student)
  • Secretary: any active member (Student)
  • Joint Secretary: any active member (Student)
  • Two Girls: any female active members Representatives(Student)


  • Service to people affected by natural calamities, accidents, epidemics etc.
  • Holding camps like blood test and donation, eye camp, dental camp and health camps to create awareness about nutrition, skin diseases, Polio eradication and AIDS awareness etc.

From the total collection at the time of admission 20% is sent to the Red Cross Bhawan, Bhubaneswar as state share along with a sum of Rs.10/- (Rupees Ten) only as Group Registration Fee.

Students are advised to take the maximum advantage of the Red Cross Society and involve themselves in the humanitarian work performed by it.