The National service scheme was launched in 1969 with the objective of imparting education through community service. The Universities became the nucleus of N.S.S. work and N.S.S. activities were made an integral part of the curriculum in all institutions of higher education through out the country. The scheme has been introduced in this College from the session 1984-85.
The N.S.S. of this College is affiliated to the Berhampur University with the enrolment strength of 150 volunteers. The College is having three N.S.S. Units (two for the boys and one for the girls) under three N.S.S. officers.


The N.S.S. aims at the active involvement and participation of students in community service while they undergo studies in the College. Its major objective is to promote social consciousness among the students and provide them opportunity to work among people during leisure. Such direct experience would enable the students to understand the realities of social life and develop in them a spirit of service to the needy and ignorant. The student would use his/her knowledge and skill acquired in the class room .to find practical solution to social problems. In the long run, Such community work will make them realise the dignity of labour and foster their sense of patriotism which is essential for national progress.


As the N.S.S. is based on voluntary service, all the students of the College are eligible to join the scheme. Students having genuine interest in social work are selected and enrolled in the N.S.S. Such selection is done by the N.S.S. Officers by inviting applications from the students through notice.

  • Construction Work: Building and repair of roads; cleaning and renovation of wells, ponds, irrigation channels; laying orchard and, planting trees, improvement of public places etc.
  • Education: Adult literacy, Female literacy and special literacy drive for school dropout children of poor parents etc.
  • Health Service: Attend patients in hospitals, environmental sanitation, eye-camps, distribution of medicine, vaccination, inoculation and immunisation for both men and cattle.
  • Small savings drive.
  • Survey: Socio-economic, educational.
  • Agricultural: Soil testing, afforestation, Vana Mahotsava in urban and rural areas, prevention of soil erosion.
  • Self-Employment : encouraging the unemployed to avail of govt. schemes and finance and start their own source of livelihood.
  • Padayatra: for motivating Birth control, Anti-dowry, AIDS awareness, social and communal harmony etc.
  • Emergency service : during epidemics and natural calamities, fire fighting etc.
  • Work period : Student volunteers enrolled into N.S.S. are required to work for 120 hours during a session including their work for 07 hours per day in 10 day special camps, which is generally conducted during vacations, in rural areas.

Incentives to Students :

  • Award of Certificates of Merit in recognition of their service at the College, University, State and National level.
  • Opportunity to visit interior rural areas for N.S.S. project work.
  • Scope for participating in seminars in or outside the state at important places attended by scholars and experts.
  • Makes them disciplined, self-dependent, punctual, hard working and develops their quality of leadership.